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The Professor Jan Nielubowicz
Regional Medical Chamber
02-512 Warszawa, ul. Puławska 18, e-mail: biuro@oilwaw.org.pl
tel.: (22) 54-28-340, (22) 54-28-342, fax. (22) 54-28-341
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General information
Polish Constitution allows to set up self-governing bodies for the professions in which public confidence is reposed. Medical self-governing body was established as early as in 1989 to look after the professional interests of its members and to ensure the patients are given professional medical care of the highest quality. Medical self-govenrment makes sure doctors are competent in their field and abide by high ethical standards.

Medical self-government, organised into the Supreme Medical Chamber and regional medical chambers, is obliged to protect this public interest. The chambers make thus sure that high standards of medical care are kept and supervise the quality of it. One of the bodies of each chamber is a regional medical court which is entitled to punish a doctor in case of breaching the principles of good medical practice and/or breaching the Code of Ethics. The highest sanction is to deprive a doctor of his/her right to work as a doctor.

The highest authority of the self-government is the General Medical Assembly which adopts the Code of Medical Ethics. The Code contains high ethical standards all doctors must abide.

The chambers are the voice for senior and junior doctors - in constant contact with ministers, government departments, the National Health Fund, regional administration and medical societies and associations. The chambers cover policies such as public health issues, medical ethics, science and medical education. They voice their opinion on any matter concerning the health policies.

The membership in the chamber is obligatory for each doctor/dentist performing his/her profession; in order to treat patients doctors and dentists must be registered with a licence to practise with the regional medical chamber. Each medical chamber in Poland is keeping upto-date registers of qualified doctors and dentists registered with the regional medical chamber.

Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw associates over 20 000 doctors and dentists. The head of the chamber is elected for a 4-year term by the Regional Medical Assembly. He chairs the Regional Medical Council which is executive power of the chamber.


How to contact us
Prof. Jan Nielubowicz Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw
02-512 Warszawa, ul. Puławska 18
NIP 522-00-02-357
e-mail: biuro@warszawa.oil.org.pl

Working hours: 8.00-16.00
Office: Ewa Nagiel, Bogusława Różycka
Tel. +48 22-542-83-43, +48 22 542 83 42, fax. +48 22 542 83 41

President of the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw
Andrzej Sawoni

Deputy President of the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw
Romuald Krajewski

Deputy President of the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw
Konstanty Radziwiłł

Deputy President of the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw
Dentists Affairs
Marta Klimkowska-Misiak

Deputy President of the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw
Radom Division
Julian Wróbel


Profiles: Marek Krawczyk, PhD, M.D.Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW)
University education must follow new standards and qualities of educating students. Teaching at the Medical University of Warsaw, including eleven medical departments, makes us obliged to have a wider look at the idea of medical humanism. We must teach our students to look at patients through the prism of their needs - not only medical but also social, psychic and individual. Our university, now in particular, has to concentrate on educating doctors, dentists, masters of pharmacy, analytics, nursing, midwifery and health care not only through training them in the field of medical examinations, even if they are based on the latest hi-tech solutions but also to continually extend humanisation of all these professions. A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw should be a health care worker and a patient's trusted friend at the same time. University scientific centres ought to be equipped with modern instrumentation and devices, have excellent scientific staff and perfect research work organisation.

A graduate of the First Faculty of Medicine at the Warsaw Medical Academy (1969). A professor, doctor of medicine, a surgeon transplantologist. Since 1998 the head of the Faculty and Clinic of General, Transplantation and Liver Surgery in Clinic Hospital in Banacha Street. Was the first in Poland to perform a successful liver transplant from an unrelated donor (1994) and a transplant from a living donor (1999). The Deputy Dean and then the Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine in the years of 1996-2008. The initiator of publishing "The History of the First Faculty of Medicine at the Warsaw Medical Academy". Elected the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw on 4th April this year for the 2008-2012 term of office.

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